Lindbergh Elementary School

School staff may be reached by email and will get back to you as soon as they are able.

Name Position
Ronald Albanese LES - Technology Teacher
Robyn Balchan LES - 3rd Grade Teacher
Angela Beck LES - 1st Grade Teacher
Katya Bonilla LES - 2nd Grade Teacher
Randi Brestin LES - Basic Skills Instructor
Jenny Busanic LES - BSI Teacher
Sarah Choi LES - 4th Grade Teacher
Stefanie Clark LES - 1st Grade Teacher
Jessica Colon LES - Special Education Teacher
Stephen Colosimo LES - 6th Grade Science Teacher
Lauren Conroy LES - Special Education Teacher
Tara Considine LES - 2nd Grade Teacher
Lisa Cook LES - 2nd Grade Teacher
Diane Cundari LES - Literacy Coach
Ebet Diaz LES - ESL Teacher
Cathy Doheny LES - Gifted and Talented / Enrichment Teacher
Kevin Engstrom LES - 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Rose Espino LES - 2nd Grade Teacher
Anka Fioravanti LES - 4th Grade Teacher
Stephanie Fiorentino LES - Special Education Teacher