MOM&I September Issue (Back to School Special)

A Korean magazine called,  “Mom & I” reached out to World Language and ESL Supervisor, Amy Munn and ECC's Korean Bilingual Kindergarten teacher, JeeYoon Chung, to conduct an interview to better understand the new Korean bilingual program that had been initiated for the first time in New Jersey at ECC. The interview transcribed, detailed how the classes are run and how effective it is in allowing students to graduate out of ESL within their first year of kindergarten. The content of the interview explains how the program first got started and how it is different from a monolingual classroom.  It goes to explain that the bilingual curriculum content is exactly the same as the other kindergarten classes, except for the fact that the student's can have their comprehension and content absorption supported with their heritage language. It explains the type of joyous learning experience it can create for the students exposed to Korean bilingual education and how the support of the school staff and community really allowed this program to develop, and hopefully grow in the future.

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Students Participate in Poetry Recitation Contest

Students of the ESL and World Languages Department participated in the William Paterson University Orlando Saa Poetry Recitation Contest on Thursday, May 18. The students were excited to share their passion for language.  They are Kevin Meza, Glendy Rosales, Reyna Soto, Kevin Guglielmo, Ariadnalie Torres Sanchez, Karen Roca, Isabel Alexis, Grace Kim, Hanna Kim, Natalia Contreras, Qamar Al-Zehhawi, and Irene Kerpelev. We had five winners! In the category of ESL beginner, Qamar won 2nd  place and for ESL intermediate, Ariadnalie won 3rd place. Natalia placed 3rd in beginner Korean, Hanna placed 1st in Korean intermediate and Grace  placed 3rd in advanced Korean. Congratulations to all the students!

poetry recitation contest

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