Six PPHS Students Honored by Korean Language Foundation

On October 19th,  6 Korean class students received a scholarship from the Korean Language Foundation. The representative students of our school went to the dinner ceremony held at the Doubletree Hotel and received the certificate and the scholarship. Congratulations!
YeonJu Kim (12th)
Joshua Son (12th) 
Natalia Contreras (10th)
Rebecca Jeon (8th)
Grace Back (7th)
Matilda Ramos (7th)
Principal, Mr. Donohue, Joshua Son(12th), Natalia Contreras (10th), Supervisor, Mrs. Amy Munn
Mrs. Jane Cho, YeonJu Kim (12th), Vice Principal, Mr.Bott
Vice Principal, Mr. Bott, Grace Back (7th), Mrs. Seongmi Kim

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