Lindbergh Elementary School

School staff may be reached by email and will get back to you as soon as they are able.

Name Position
Sophie Lee LES - Secretary
Tara Lehman LES - 1st Grade Teacher
Malachy Loughlin LES - 3rd Grade Teacher
Anna Mancini LES - Choral Teacher
Kathy Maurer LES - 1st Grade Teacher
Michele Martini LES - 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Christopher Messina LES - Physical Education Teacher
Jenna Millar LES - Special Education Teacher
Talar Minoyan LES - 5th Grade ELA Teacher
Janice Mockel LES - BSI Teacher
Mary Morin LES - Secretary
Sheila Nastasi LES - Special Education Teacher
Christine Orlowski LES - Physical Education Teacher
Malinda O'Reilly LES - BSI Teacher
Lisa Panchi LES - Special Education Teacher
Ive Pavin LES - Physical Education Teacer
Nadjia Pavin LES - Secretary
Kathleen Payerle LES - 5th Grade Science Teacher
Andrea Rettig LES - 1st Grade Teacher
Rael Rodriguez LES - 3rd Grade Teacher