Lindbergh Elementary December Student of the Month

Lindbergh Elementary School Student of the Month for December

Melpomeni Drossos

December 2015 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Lindbergh Elementary’s December Student of the Month, Melpomeni “Meni” Drosso. Her 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Fioravanti, nominated this student saying, “Meni is friendly, outgoing, and overall a fabulous kid. She is always willing to help me and her classmates with anything we need.”



Meni loves so many things about school such as Math and Gym class, but what she loves most is seeing her teacher’s energetic, smiling face everyday.  Meni said, “Ms. Fioravanti makes learning fun, especially Math.”

Meni can be found around school reading her favorite book series, Junie B. Jones, especially, Almost a Flower Girl. When Meni isn’t reading, she enjoys playing with her friends and spending time with her brother, Billy and sister, Katarina.  She also likes participating in gymnastics, karate and playing the violin.

Meni has endured many health struggles with her heart. When she grows up she wants to be a heart surgeon to help others, like the doctors that have helped her.

Congratulations to Melpomeni, “Meni” Drossos!

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