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The continued focus at the ECC will be on providing students with a strong foundation in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In an effort to strengthen the home-school connection, the faculty will work with parents and guardians to enable them to help their children at home. Last year’s Words Their Way Parent Presentation was well received. The ECC is planning a mathematics Parent Presentation for the 2014-2015 school year.

The faculty at the ECC will provide ways for parents to assist their children in mathematics, including providing explanations of the CCSS and an overview of the Mc-Graw-Hill My Math series. In the classrooms, the faculty will utilize technology and manipulatives to encourage the understanding of mathematical concepts.

Utilizing writing rubrics as well as conferencing with students will encourage the increased improvement of writing as expected in the CCSS. Writing conference notes will continue to be collected and reviewed by administration.

Strengthening and increasing the amount of guided reading sessions will also be ongoing to increase student achievement through small group instruction. Students will be taught at their instructional levels with a variety of literature and informational texts. Reading conference notes and guided reading plans will continue to be collected and reviewed by administration. In addition, the students will be instructed to conduct close readings of texts in order to increase comprehension. DRA levels will demonstrate the growth of students in kindergarten and grade 1 by a minimum of 2 levels.

Assessment will be the focus of the ECC’s Professional Learning Community (PLC). The faculty will be reading articles, watching videos, sharing experiences, and increasing their professional knowledge regarding assessment in order to determine the best assessment practices to utilize with our students. The faculty will continue to use data provided by assessments to target instruction. Differentiated assessments will be encouraged, as the faculty will work with our district-created benchmarks, rubrics, and learning progressions. 

ECC Summer Reading Resources

Grade 1 Summer Reading Parent Letter

The summer vacation is just around the corner and we want to make sure that your child continues to make progress in reading during the break.  Studies have shown that having students read 4 or 5 books over the summer months can prevent reading achievement loss.  Each first-grade student attending Lindbergh School in September will be asked to complete a Summer Reading Log, which can be found on our website. The reading log should be completed and handed in by September to his/her teacher. 

Welcome to the Early Childhood Center Reading Resource Page

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Grade 1 Summer Leveled Reading List

Grade 1 Summer Reading Log

Grade 1 Summer Reading Parent Letter



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ECC Schoolwide Kindness Tree


"Caught Being Good Tree during the Week of Respect at the ECC" Students will attach a leaf to the tree describing their good deeds throughout the school year. 


"Friendship Day during the Week of Respect at the ECC" Students are wearing Yellow to promote and show friendship. 

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