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The continued focus at the ECC will be on providing students with a strong foundation in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In an effort to strengthen the home-school connection, the faculty will work with parents and guardians to enable them to help their children at home. Last year’s Words Their Way Parent Presentation was well received. The ECC is planning a mathematics Parent Presentation for the 2014-2015 school year.

The faculty at the ECC will provide ways for parents to assist their children in mathematics, including providing explanations of the CCSS and an overview of the Mc-Graw-Hill My Math series. In the classrooms, the faculty will utilize technology and manipulatives to encourage the understanding of mathematical concepts.

Utilizing writing rubrics as well as conferencing with students will encourage the increased improvement of writing as expected in the CCSS. Writing conference notes will continue to be collected and reviewed by administration.

Strengthening and increasing the amount of guided reading sessions will also be ongoing to increase student achievement through small group instruction. Students will be taught at their instructional levels with a variety of literature and informational texts. Reading conference notes and guided reading plans will continue to be collected and reviewed by administration. In addition, the students will be instructed to conduct close readings of texts in order to increase comprehension. DRA levels will demonstrate the growth of students in kindergarten and grade 1 by a minimum of 2 levels.

Assessment will be the focus of the ECC’s Professional Learning Community (PLC). The faculty will be reading articles, watching videos, sharing experiences, and increasing their professional knowledge regarding assessment in order to determine the best assessment practices to utilize with our students. The faculty will continue to use data provided by assessments to target instruction. Differentiated assessments will be encouraged, as the faculty will work with our district-created benchmarks, rubrics, and learning progressions. 

Update: Water Damage at ECC

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Dr. Joseph Cirillo              
Superintendent of Schools
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October 3, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As you know, the Palisades Park School District’s top priority is to protect and promote the safety of our students and teachers, while ensuring a healthy learning environment. During a recent rainstorm, we have determined that one of our sheetrock walls at the Early Childhood Center cafeteria office has sustained water damage. The Board of Education is working to address this issue, and would like to reassure you that our schools remain safe and healthy. 

Immediately, I have authorized Detail Associates LLC. to assess for the potential impact of the water damage, and sample the surface to conduct lab analysis of the area. Laboratory analysis results will be available by Friday (10/5/18) morning and I will update you all on the results. In the meantime, the administration has taken several steps to mitigate the situation and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. The district is in the process of scheduling a thorough cleanup of the area and conducting additional quality assurance tests to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and students.

As always, our administration will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure students and employees continue to work and learn in a clean and safe environment. Please continue to check the district’s website for updates on this issue.

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MOM&I September Issue (Back to School Special)

A Korean magazine called,  “Mom & I” reached out to World Language and ESL Supervisor, Amy Munn and ECC's Korean Bilingual Kindergarten teacher, JeeYoon Chung, to conduct an interview to better understand the new Korean bilingual program that had been initiated for the first time in New Jersey at ECC. The interview transcribed, detailed how the classes are run and how effective it is in allowing students to graduate out of ESL within their first year of kindergarten. The content of the interview explains how the program first got started and how it is different from a monolingual classroom.  It goes to explain that the bilingual curriculum content is exactly the same as the other kindergarten classes, except for the fact that the student's can have their comprehension and content absorption supported with their heritage language. It explains the type of joyous learning experience it can create for the students exposed to Korean bilingual education and how the support of the school staff and community really allowed this program to develop, and hopefully grow in the future.

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