Our Mission

The Guidance Department at Palisades Park Jr/Sr High School is committed to ensuring the emotional, social, and academic development of our students. Our counselors offer advice and direction when students are in need and serve as a liaison between parents, teachers, administrators, and students.

Contact Info:
Elementary School
Annette McCarthy
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Ext. 2433

Grade 6-8
Gerry Resnick
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Ext 3433

Grades 9-12 A-K
Erin Rudolph
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Ext. 3432

Grades 9-12 L-Z
Joanne Retkwa
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Ext. 3431

College Preparation


College Application Process

College Resources

New Registrants

All new registrants should report to the appropriate school to obtain paperwork and meet with the Registration Secretary. After the paperwork is verified by the Registration Secretary, School Nurse, and Vice Principal students will be registered. Upon registering, his/her guidance counselor will find appropriate placement based on transcripts, test scores, etc.

Withdrawal from School

A parent’s written permission must accompany a request to withdraw.  The procedure including an exit conference with Administration is accomplished through the counseling office on the day the withdrawal is affected.  A transfer card or transcript will be issued only after a student has met all obligations.


Windows to schedule and for schedule changes will be announced and posted on our Website/Twitter (@pphstigers) each Spring following the annual class meetings. It is the responsibility of the student to choose electives and adhere to these scheduling deadlines. Changes can not be made after the posted deadlines without Administrative approval.

Testing/College Board Exams

These examinations are administered in October, November, December, January, April, May and June.  Registration materials may be obtained in the Guidance Office or online.  Some colleges require the SAT II; check with your counselor.  The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is given each Fall to ALL sophomores and juniors. This test helps prepare students for the SAT and makes juniors eligible for National Merit Scholarships.




SAT study guide, practice questions, full practice test, Question of the Day

Nighttime SAT Prep courses are available each semester at PPHS for a fee. Please see  your counselor for details.

Student Employment/Working Papers

All students 14 to 18 must have working papers with a new certificate for every change of job.   Working Papers are available in the Main Office or online (see above).  The student must have the Part B section filled out by the employer and the medical section (Part C) completed by a doctor. The school record form and a copy of the student’s birth certificate must be returned to the Guidance Office.  Working papers are issued after 2:35 p.m. daily.

Financial Aid



Scholarship Applications

A student interested in a scholarship must fill out the appropriate form along with the essay component and return by the May 15th deadline. This form is available in the Guidance Office or online (see above). Some scholarships require the school application plus a specialized application particular to the scholarship offered.  See your Guidance Counselor for further details.

PPHS Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements Documents

Throughout grades 10-12, students should be paying attention to the PPHS Graduation Requirements. Some of these requirements are state-mandated, but others are unique to PPHS. Use the planning charts available in the Guidance Office or online (see above) to ensure adequate progress. If you have any questions or feel you are off-track see your Guidance Counselor.