IMPORTANT Safety Letter From Superintendent of Schools - UPDATED

Palisades Park Community:

I’m writing to follow up on my letter of May 21, 2018 to update you regarding the actions taken by the

Bergen County Sheriffs, Palisades Park Police Department, and school officials in response to threatening

graffiti written on a desk yesterday at Palisades Park Jr/Sr High School.

Prior to the start of today’s school day, two specially trained K9 dogs searched both the interior and exterior of the School and detected no threat. Additionally, school officials ensured that all students and staff were properly screened prior to being admitted to our facilities.

After consulting with the County Officers and local law enforcement, our schools were deemed safe and school opened at approximately 7:45 a.m.  By 8:15 a.m. school was operating.   

I thank you for your patience and assistance in working with us in this very important matter. During these very concerning times, each and every safety concern will be addressed immediately in partnership with experts in law enforcement.

I commend the authorities for their diligence and am extremely grateful to the faculty and staff for their ongoing commitment and dedication. I must also acknowledge the resoluteness of our students for their resilience in modeling appropriate behaviors during this stressful time. We all wish that this period of their lives could only be about fostering bonds that last a lifetime as they grow and learn together. However, the only way to make that wish a reality is through impenetrable safety and security procedures. Safety is and must remain our top priority.

I ask for your continued support over the final weeks of our school year as we work to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. Again, please discuss these concerns with your child (ren) and if you or your child have any information regarding this or any matter, contact the Palisades Park Police Department at 201-944-0900.  

Joseph Cirillo, Ed. D.


Palisades Park Community,

Please allow this letter to address a threat that was uncovered at Palisades Park Jr/Sr High School today. The Palisades Park Police Department has been working with school administrators to investigate a non-specific threat. Today handwritten graffiti was discovered on one of our classroom desks.

The safety and well-being of each student, faculty and staff member is paramount to our district and all threats credible or not will be taken as such. Be advised that the High School will be opened tomorrow with additional police presence throughout the school day. All students shall will be directed to only enter through the front doors.  

Please discuss the ramifications of such a threat with your child and if you or your child have any information regarding this matter, contact the Palisades Park Police Department at 201-944-0900.


Joseph Cirillo, Ed. D.

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