School Safety Team

Early Childhood Center School Safety Team Members:

Cindy Vouthas
Laura Pieratos 
Jennifer Vozzo 
Angela Beck 
Christine Epstein
Orietta Monterosso 
Nicole Ostuni 


Mission Statement:
The Early Childhood Center School Safety Team is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all students. The School Safety Team works in collaboration with staff and administrators to set high standards of behavior, limits, and clear expectations for conduct. Furthermore, the School Safety Team assists in reinforcing the belief that all students have the right to attend a school free of violence, intimidation and abuse.  We value diversity and encourage our students and staff to contribute positively to the well-being of others so that a safe and supportive school environment thrives and flourishes.  




Lindbergh Elementary School Safety Team Members:

Toni Bongard 
Frank Donohue 
Sheila Nastasi 
Teresa Scarpati 
Cathy Doheny 
Mission Statement:
Lindbergh Elementary School is a partnership of students, parents, teachers and community dedicated to facilitating a climate of respect, tolerance, support and cooperation. We are fostering students to become responsible and outstanding citizens.


Palisdes Park Jr./Sr. High School Safety Team Members:

Joespeh Galeazza 
Patrick Bott 
Nael Llaverias
Tara LaPira
Joanna Hali
David Sica
Donald Westcott
Mission Statement: 

The PPHS School Safety Team is committed to creating a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment where students, teachers, parents, and the community work together to promote academic excellence, civil behaviors, and a sense of social responsibilities. It is through these means that all staff, students, and parents help create safe schools in a collaborative manner. Some programs the PPHS School Safety Team oversees is the Student of the Month Program, School Violence Awareness Week, Tolerance Week, and Respect Week. Additionally, the School Safety Team involves 11th and 12th grade "Student Advisors" in the process to ensure a great learning environment for all our students.


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