Board of Education Office

410 2nd Street, Palisades Park, NJ 07650 



Mission Statement

The Palisades Park School District, committed to meeting the evolving needs in a nurturing environment of mutual respect, prepares graduates to value life-long learning and develop skills and attitudes to make meaningful contributions as responsible members of a diverse community, ready to compete in a global economy.



Half Day Schedule Thursday, September 6th

Due to the continued high temps and heat index approaching the triple digits in our classrooms, all schools in the Palisades Park School District will run on a half day schedule today September 6th. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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Friday, November 16, Palisades Park Public Schools - DELAYED OPENING

The Palisades Park School Public District will operate on a Delayed Opening Schedule for Friday, November 16, 2018.

Please check back for updates if conditions worsen overnight.

Palisades Park High School will begin at 9:50AM.

Lindbergh Elementary School and Early Childhood Center will begin at 10:00AM.

Staff are to report at 9:30AM for all schools 

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