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Friday, November 16, Palisades Park Public Schools - DELAYED OPENING

The Palisades Park School Public District will operate on a Delayed Opening Schedule for Friday, November 16, 2018.

Please check back for updates if conditions worsen overnight.

Palisades Park High School will begin at 9:50AM.

Lindbergh Elementary School and Early Childhood Center will begin at 10:00AM.

Staff are to report at 9:30AM for all schools 

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Students from Shin Cheon HS in Korea visit PPHS

On October 11th, 24 students and teachers from Shin Cheon High School in Korea visited Palisades Park Jr./Sr. High School. Mr. Donohue and Mrs. Munn welcomed them to PPHS and spoke about the format they would follow as they attended classes in the morning. Mrs. Retkwa had arranged for student council members to be paired with each of the visiting students. They went to classes and lunch with their partners. While students were in classes, Mr. Donohue and Mrs. Munn gave the teachers a tour of the school and highlighted the school’s features. The visit concluded with Mrs. Munn leading a question and answer session in the auditorium. The students were wildly enthusiastic about their visit, commenting on the small class sizes when compared to their classes in Korea. They were appreciative of the friendships they had cultivated with the students from PPHS. Yoon Young Beol, the principal of Shin Cheon High School expressed his desire that his high school and PPHS become sister schools. Students in both schools had a great experience. They exchanged contacts and the student council members of PPHS were invited to Shin Cheon High School in Korea.

hs korean sister project

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