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Students from Shin Cheon HS in Korea visit PPHS

On October 11th, 24 students and teachers from Shin Cheon High School in Korea visited Palisades Park Jr./Sr. High School. Mr. Donohue and Mrs. Munn welcomed them to PPHS and spoke about the format they would follow as they attended classes in the morning. Mrs. Retkwa had arranged for student council members to be paired with each of the visiting students. They went to classes and lunch with their partners. While students were in classes, Mr. Donohue and Mrs. Munn gave the teachers a tour of the school and highlighted the school’s features. The visit concluded with Mrs. Munn leading a question and answer session in the auditorium. The students were wildly enthusiastic about their visit, commenting on the small class sizes when compared to their classes in Korea. They were appreciative of the friendships they had cultivated with the students from PPHS. Yoon Young Beol, the principal of Shin Cheon High School expressed his desire that his high school and PPHS become sister schools. Students in both schools had a great experience. They exchanged contacts and the student council members of PPHS were invited to Shin Cheon High School in Korea.

hs korean sister project

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Half Day Schedule Thursday, September 6th

Due to the continued high temps and heat index approaching the triple digits in our classrooms, all schools in the Palisades Park School District will run on a half day schedule today September 6th. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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Important Update


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Palisades Park, NJ  07650

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Dr. Joseph Cirillo

Superintendent of Schools


September 4, 2018

Palisades Park Community,  

Recent news articles have focused on the hiring of retired police officers to provide security in our schools. In light of new information, I have taken the following actions:

This morning, I met with the Palisades Park Chief of Police to review the background checks of each hired officer. I was reassured that each officer assigned to our schools has complied with NJ state law regarding background checks, and has met the qualifications for the possession of a firearm. I have also required that evidence of valid permits be shared with the Board of Education prior to the officer’s placements in our schools.

Additionally, I have contacted the New Jersey Department of Education to inquire about the possibility of these retired officers participating in School Resource Officer Training. I am strongly encouraging that these officers attend such a program.

I am grateful for the Borough’s efforts to protect our students following the events of the Parkland school shooting, last February. However, I also assure you that we will take all the time that is necessary and make every effort to be certain that ANY person assigned to our schools possess the proper credentials to hold such a position. Please check our website to keep abreast of progress related to this important matter.


Dr. Joseph Cirillo

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