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Date Changed for Board of Ed Town Hall Meeting

Please be advised that after conferring with Palisades Park Borough Officials, Board of Education Members, Architects of Record and having received correspondence from the New Jersey Department of Education, it has been decided to postpone the April 25th meeting until May 23rd. The main reason for the change of date is to better communicate the Preliminary Eligibility costs letter from the Department of Education (see attached), which will determine the tax impact in which each and any project may have on the residents of the Borough of Palisades Park.

Dr. Cirillo

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PPHS Teacher Frank Ring releases his first book

Palisades Park High School graduate (‘81) and Technology teacher Frank Ring has just released his first book, Walking for Health and Fitness.

Mr. Ring became an avid walker while overcoming a serious back issue 3 years ago.

“I needed to ease into getting in shape and lose some weight. I also needed a way to do it without reinjuring my back. Walking seemed like a natural activity to get started in building stronger leg, back, and core muscles. What I discovered was that walking was so easy to do, gave me a great physical workout and, most surprisingly, make a huge improvement in my mental wellbeing and outlook. I compare walking to meditation, and I get to see some great sites along the way.”

On why he wrote the book, Mr. Ring says, “I felt compelled to share this with people who need to get in shape and/or relieve physical distress. The result is this 140-page eBook. The best part was that most of the main ideas from the book were thought up while out walking. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking.”

Order the book at: Walking for Health and Fitness – The eBook

Use the discount code: TIGERSWALK to get a 20% discount on the digital download.

frank ring walking health fitness ebook

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