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School Security Update: Alyssa's Law

Alyssa's Law was recently signed by Governor Murphy and requires all New Jersey public schools to install silent panic alarms that will alert law enforcement during emergencies. The NJ Schools Development Authority is tasked with funding and managing the installation of the silent panic alarms in partnership with the NJ Dept of Education. The NJDOE seeks feedback, comments and concerns from the public on school security and the school security bond. Please review the "Securing our Children's Future"  Bond Fact Sheet and complete the online survey by 6/18/19.

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NJ Seal of Biliteracy Recipients 2018-2019

NJ Seal of Biliteracy is a special recognition awarded by The New Jersey Department of Education to celebrate graduating high school students who have successfully demonstrated a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, listening and writing in one or more World Languages, in addition to English.

Jesus Godinez and Isabel Alexis in grade 11 were awarded The NJ Seal of Biliteracy. They have successfully demonstrated that they are able to speak, read, listen and write in Spanish and Italian. Congratulations!!!

seal of biliteracy

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