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            Lindbergh Elementary School is a large suburban school serving a population of 800 students and 115 staff members.  Students are represented in grades 1 to 6.  The school serves as a model of integration of ethnic and culturally diverse students, as well as creating an environment of acceptance where inclusion is a priority for all.  The needs of the students, which include intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs remain foremost in the minds of the staff.  Believing that all students can succeed, administration and faculty promote high standards and expectations as well as engaging active and creative minds equipped for the 21st Century. Students and faculty are engaged in a curriculum that includes technology, differentiation of instruction, and core curriculum content standards.

            Many programs exist for meeting the needs of our students.  We have a full Child Study Team to meet the needs of our special education students.   Students needing academic assistance and extra help benefit from the Title I Program.  ESL classes are scheduled for those students speaking a home language other than English.  The academically gifted and talented program, LEAP, services students who demonstrate a need for enrichment beyond the regular curriculum.  Artistically talented children can also participate in our G&T Art Program.  Our Science/Computer Lab enhances our students’ ability to benefit from hands-on interactive lessons.  Lastly, our students benefit from a wide-array of after school classes through our 21st Century Program, Homework Club, and Cultural Arts Program.

            Besides involvement in curriculum and academic programming, students are introduced to many extra-curricular programs.  Some examples include Student Council, Safety Patrol, Instrumental Band, and Chorus.  Other activities include field trips, Book Fair, Field Day, Turkey Trot, and a variety of assemblies. 

            To capture the flavor of Lindbergh Elementary School a number of words and phrases can be utilized.  Caring learning environment, student advocacy, personalized education and parental support are just a few.  Lindbergh always remains true to its’ mission of providing students with optimum learning experiences to assist them in reaching their fullest potential and enabling them to take their place in today’s society.

Lindbergh's March Student of the Month Arnold Marroquin

Student of the Month

Arnold Marroquin

After much consideration, it is my honor to announce the Student of the Month for March. Please join me in congratulating Third Grader, Arnold Marroquin! 

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    Arnold’s Third Grade teacher, Mrs. Tatta, nominated him for this award because “he always has a positive attitude towards learning. Even if the work seems difficult, he digs deep and gives 100% in effort. Arnold is a hard worker and a positive role model for others!” These are such important qualities that make Arnold so deserving of the honor of Student of the Month.

    Arnold believes that learning is fun and exciting! When asked about his favorite thing in Third Grade, he replied, “The best part of school is reading the books that my classmates and I create during Writing Workshop!” When he’s not in school, Arnold loves being with his family. He especially enjoys the time he spends with his dad playing soccer. Every year, Arnold and his family go on vacation to Wildwood. He loves going to the beach and playing games on the boardwalk. This year, Arnold is excited to be going to Summer Camp. He’s especially looking forward to swimming at the camp’s pool.

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    Lindbergh's February Student of the Month

    Student of the Month - Aideen Cabrera

    After much consideration, it is my honor to announce the Student of the Month for February. Please join me in congratulating Second Grader, Aideen Cabrera. 

    Aideen's Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Espino, nominated her for this award. Aside from her academic abilities, Mrs. Espino said, "Aideen is such a positive role model for other students. She's cooperative, helpful, respectful and kind. More importantly she always tries her best! This is why Aideen is so deserving of the honor of Student of the Month. 

    Aideen's favorite thing about the second grade is the fun learning environment that Mrs. Espino cultivated in their 2nd grade classroom. She loves that Lindbergh School makes her feel safe and that it's a no bullying zone! During her free time Aideen likes to read and play on her iPad. Her favorite app is Raz-Kids because it inspires her to continue to strive to be a better reader.

    Because Aideen's teachers have had such a positive impact on her, she would like to be a doctor when she grows up. Aideen, we know that if you continue to work hard you will accomplish anything you put your mind to!

    Congratulations on this deserving honor. We, here at Lindbergh School, are SO proud of you!

    And if you happen to see Aideen in the hallway, make sure you say "Hi!" and congratulate her on the accomplishment of being Lindbergh's Student of the Month for February. FebruarySOTM 1


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