Students receive Korean American Writer Association Scholarship

On Thursday, November 16th, the following students got the Korean American Writer Association's scholarship. The representative students of our school went to the dinner ceremony held in New York and received the certificate and scholarship.

1st  place: Pureun Oh (9th)

2nd place: Minjong Cho (10th)

3rd place: Hana Jin (10th)

4th place: Ashley Park (10th), Annika Kim (10th), Irene Kwon (9th),

Jiwon Lee (9th), May Joh (9th), SongHee-Erin Lee (11th), Seong Won Yoon (12th), Yubin Choi (10th), Jeong Hyeon Park (12th), Ling Chen (12th)

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Six PPHS Students Honored by Korean Language Foundation

On October 19th,  6 Korean class students received a scholarship from the Korean Language Foundation. The representative students of our school went to the dinner ceremony held at the Doubletree Hotel and received the certificate and the scholarship. Congratulations!
YeonJu Kim (12th)
Joshua Son (12th) 
Natalia Contreras (10th)
Rebecca Jeon (8th)
Grace Back (7th)
Matilda Ramos (7th)
Principal, Mr. Donohue, Joshua Son(12th), Natalia Contreras (10th), Supervisor, Mrs. Amy Munn
Mrs. Jane Cho, YeonJu Kim (12th), Vice Principal, Mr.Bott
Vice Principal, Mr. Bott, Grace Back (7th), Mrs. Seongmi Kim

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Lindbergh Elementary Principal's Message

Lindbergh Elementary School

A Message from the Principal


Welcome Back! The 2017 - 2018 school year has gotten off to a terrific start.  Teachers returned on Tuesday, September 5th for two days of Professional Development.  Students returned on Thursday, September 7th. They met their teachers, re-acquainted with old friends, and met new friends. It was a pleasure to welcome the 1st graders to Lindbergh Elementary School. Their teachers introduced the curriculum, toured the school and helped them to navigate the cafeteria.

Lindbergh School has some faculty changes and we welcome:  Mrs. Rettig 1st grade, Ms. Jacobs 4th grade, Mr. Colosimo 6th grade Science, Ms. Kim Speech, and Mrs. Koutros 1st grade aide. We also welcome faculty members from the ECC, Mrs. Paiotti - ESL and Mrs. H. Lee – Special Education.

An exciting and significant change in our curriculum impacts our 5th grade students. Beginning this year, our 5th grade students will travel from classroom to classroom throughout the day. They will travel to different Reading, Writing, Mathematics Science, and Social Studies teachers and instruction will be similar to our 6th grade schedule  We are very excited about our 5th grade team: Mr. Engstrom – Social Studies, Mrs. Payerle – Science, Mrs. Cracco and Mrs. Messina – Reading and Writing, and Mrs. Tatta – Mathematics. 

Back to School Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 28th. Parental involvement is a crucial component to student success. We hope to have a large turnout of parents.

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