Lindbergh's February Student of the Month

Student of the Month - Aideen Cabrera

After much consideration, it is my honor to announce the Student of the Month for February. Please join me in congratulating Second Grader, Aideen Cabrera. 

Aideen's Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Espino, nominated her for this award. Aside from her academic abilities, Mrs. Espino said, "Aideen is such a positive role model for other students. She's cooperative, helpful, respectful and kind. More importantly she always tries her best! This is why Aideen is so deserving of the honor of Student of the Month. 

Aideen's favorite thing about the second grade is the fun learning environment that Mrs. Espino cultivated in their 2nd grade classroom. She loves that Lindbergh School makes her feel safe and that it's a no bullying zone! During her free time Aideen likes to read and play on her iPad. Her favorite app is Raz-Kids because it inspires her to continue to strive to be a better reader.

Because Aideen's teachers have had such a positive impact on her, she would like to be a doctor when she grows up. Aideen, we know that if you continue to work hard you will accomplish anything you put your mind to!

Congratulations on this deserving honor. We, here at Lindbergh School, are SO proud of you!

And if you happen to see Aideen in the hallway, make sure you say "Hi!" and congratulate her on the accomplishment of being Lindbergh's Student of the Month for February. FebruarySOTM 1



Palisades Park Public School Security Protocol

Dear Palisades Park Community,

What makes me most proud as the Superintendent of Schools is how we all come together and are in 100% agreement when it comes to our belief that the children of Palisades Park are our most cherished resource. It is with this in mind that the Board of Education acted to greatly enhance school security in all of our facilities to ensure the safety of our students. This multifaceted approach to improving school security will employ trained security personnel combined with state of the art technology to strictly monitor who has access to our school facilities.

The board approved the hiring of private security officers to be stationed at the entrance of each of our schools. Additionally, the board has purchased Lobby Guard software to be installed at each school entrance.
Lobby Guard kiosks require each visitor to furnish his/her driver’s license for entry to the school. The system then instantly runs a background check on all who attempt to enter the school by searching national data bases for sex offenders or criminals, or a local list of banned individuals.
After investigating each visitor, the kiosk provides a sticker/name tag for the visitor that must be returned prior to exiting the building. This system makes it possible for our security team to track sign in time, sign out time, reason for visit, who was visited, and much more. 

Effective February 1, 2017, all visitors will be required to comply with the following new regulations-- otherwise entrance to our schools will be denied.
No visitors are to enter the building with students during arrival. It is strongly encouraged that all visitors schedule an appointment to enter our buildings.

Upon admittance, all visitors will state the purpose of their visit and/or specify with whom they have the appointment.
All visitors will be required to show photo identification and sign in with the Security Officer at each building’s main entrance, who will use the photo ID to run the background check.
When finished with a visit, all visitors will be required to return the sticker tag so it can be scanned and they can exit the system. 

Please read the full message from Dr. Cirillo by clicking below.

Download this file (SecurityProtocol.pdf)PPSD_SecurityProtocol.pdf84 kB

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